Get Involved

Timberwolf Council (TWC):

Advisor: Ms. Nicole Gironda

Meetings: Wednesdays at lunch in Room 234

The TWC puts on events, goes on field trips and comes up with great ideas to make our school community a better place. They run events such as dances and talent shows, raise awareness on the importance of mental health, and celebrate student achievement. It's all about teamwork and collaboration - and a great place to make new friends! You are strongly encouraged to join and make NPSS a proud and safe community for everyone.



Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA):

Advisor: Ms. Emma Myers

Meetings: Thursdays at lunch in Room 234

The GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) is a student-run organization that includes students of all genders and sexualities, who work together to organize school initiatives and outreach about issues impacting them and our school. The organization serves as a safe and supportive space for all students to be themselves, connect with each other, and to engage in student leadership to assist in transitioning LGBTQ2S+ students into high school.



Diversity and Excellence Association (DEA):

Advisor: Ms. Sadia Pabani

Meetings: Thursdays at lunch in Room 205

The Nottawasaga Pines Diversity and Excellence Association is dedicated to building a safe black, brown, Asian, and First Nations space for the student population. This encourages a sense of belonging and community building. Members work towards planning school events, including an anti-racist poster campaign, black history month events, and other student activities.



Dance Team:

Advisor: Ms. Rachael Cormier

Tryouts are in September

Practices: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunch in Room 130 (depending on which team)

The dance teams at NPSS offer students the opportunity to explore art through movement. The studio is a brave space for students to get creative, learn from one another and feel empowered in ways that can be used in the classroom and everyday life! Our teams work together to create fun and challenging choreography, building a sense of community along the way. While we currently perform styles like Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary, we are happy to support other styles students are interested in. The NPSS dance teams perform at Arts Nights, Notty Noise events and regional competitions. If you are interested in joining our dance teams, or even taking a dance course, stop by the studio or check out our dance Instagram ( for more information. Remember, everyBODY can dance at NPSS!

Dance Dept




Advisor: Ms. Jasmine Cuff

Meetings: Thursdays (see rehearsal schedule for lunch and after-school dates) 

Drama Club is open for all students who yearn for a space to take creative risks and develop community. Early in the year we meet weekly to play Drama games, get to know each other and build our Drama family. Later in the school year we mount a One-Act play that we compete with at the National Theatre School Dramafest. There are opportunities for those wishing to write a script, direct, produce, design, run tech equipment, help backstage or act on stage! All are welcome!



Fitness Room:

Advisor: Ms. Jenna Rietkoetter

Open: Monday-Friday, during lunch and after school

Students are able to use the NPSS Fitness Room during lunchtime and after school. Various teachers volunteer to supervise, but students need to be self-motivated to workout during this time. A knowledge of fitness skills and equipment is necessary.



Yearbook Club:

Advisor: Ms. Tina Molenaar

Meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch in Room 126

Yearbook Club is an opportunity for dedicated students to capture the school year with a great team of peers! Students will have an opportunity to design pages, take photos and sell the yearbook to the student body. Yearbook club meetings every week, and everyone is welcome.